Can I Borrow Your Wife? 1

Her skirt rides up above her ass and I have full view of he perfect ass and dripping wet pussy. I raise my hand up and come down on her ass with a loud slap. It leaves a nice big red hand print on her.

She cries out "Thank you sir"

I repeat the slap on her ass a couple more times until her entire bottom is red. Amiee turns back around and kneels on the floor in front of me again with her back leaned up against the bed. I take a fast glance at the window and Tom is staring with utter amazment on his face. I move my cock close to Amiee's mouth and she opens up without a second thought.

"You are such a dirty fucking slut, just waiting for a cock to suck"

I rip her top open and her full 34 C breasts fall out. I move my cock into her mouth and she wraps her lips around the head. I feel her tongue circle my cock and it starts to grow bigger in her mouth. I am fully erect and start to slid in and out of her mouth. I push in deeper with every thrust into her mouth and I feel the back of her thoat. I push a little deeper and the enters her throat. Amiee gags a little but immediately relaxes and accepts my member in her throat. I pull completely out of her mouth and thrust back in making her take my entire cock into her mouth and down her throat. She tried to move her head back but the bed prevents her head from moving. I repeat shoving my entire cock into her mouth and he throat eventually stretches out and she is able to accept getting fucked in the mouth. I pull completely out of her mouth and grab her by the hair and make her stand.

"Lay on the bed on your stomach."

Amiee turns and gets on the bed laying face down. I grab her hair and pull her head up so it is inline with my cock. I push the entire length into her mouth and hold her head in place. I pull out and let her take a breath and immediately shove my cock back in her throat. I pull in and out buring my entire length in her mouth. Every thrust is accompanied by the sexiest gagging noise. Amiee knows I love to hear this so she makes it as loud as possible.

"Grab your heels bitch"

Amiee bends her legs and grabs hold on her heels. Her arms are stretch behind her and it makes her head raise up. I continue the assault on her mouth and with each thrusts he gagging gets louder. I reach down and pinch her nipples between my thumb and inde finger. I pull on them and stretch them as far as them will go. Amiee is loving every minute of it all. I pull out of her mouth and step back from her.

"Turn around I want that wet dripping slut pussy of yours"

Amiee does what she is told. She lets go of her heels and spins around on her stomach and moves back so her hips are on the edge of the bed. To my surprise she reaches and and grabs hold on her heels and hold them there. She has he legs spread wide and I can see her juices flowing out of her pussy.

"You are dripping wet, I can see it drip out of your pussy. What kind of girl is dripping and hasn't even been touched yet?
"A really slutty girl that loves to get a throat fucked by huge cocks"

I position behind her and place my cock are her opening and plunge my entire cock into her pussy without warning. The loudest moan/scream came from her mouth that I ever heard. I pull in and out of her wet cunt making sure that every once in a while to pull completely out of her and rub her own pussy juice around her asshole. With my cock out of her pussy I stick two finger into her and pull them out. I plunge my cock back into her waiting cunt and place my fingers in front of her mouth.

"Lick your own pussy juice of my fingers."

She opens her mouth and places my two finger in. She licks all around my fingers getting every last bit of her own juice off. While licking them she is moaning

"You like you pussy tastes Cunt?'
"Yes Sir"
"I got an idea for a slut like you. Go get me the suction-cup dildo"
"Yes Sir"

I pull out of Amiee and she stands and walks over to the closet. She comes back with the dildo in her hand. I grab a pair of handcuffs out of the nightstand next to the bed and I take the dildo out of her hand. I walk over to the window sill making sure I don't look at Tom cause I don't to embarass him. He quickly slids his chair back to his desk and pretends to work. I stick the suction cup onto the window sill and walk back over to Amiee.

"Hands behind your back"

Amiee places her hands behind her back and I slap the handcuffs on her wrists. I grab her hair and walk her over to the window. As we walk I whisper to her

"I thought Tom would really like this."
"Ya I would say so"

We arrive at the window and Tom is still pretending to work. I bend her over and her face is an inch from the dildo. Amiee starts to lick the fake cock and moan making sure that sound goes out the window. I place my cock at her gapping hole and thrust my cock into her. At the same time she takes the fake cock into her mouth. I grab hold of her hips and start to pound into her pussy. Thrusting into her as hard and as deep as I can I see Tom move his chair over to the front of the window. I make sure not to make direct eye contact with him. Amiee is looking up at Tom as he watches her suck the dildo. She is moaning as loud as she can with the cock in her mouth. Amiee really knows how to turn guys on. She is an expert at it. She raises up her head off the cock and spits directly on it and plunges her mouth back the fake cock and take the entire length into her mouth. With the cock buried in her throat she looks up at Tom. She pulls it out of her mouth and I hear her say

"Oh Tom you got such a big cock, I love it buried in my throat."
I grab hold of her hair and pull her head back
"Say it louder Cunt, Tell him what you want"
"Tom I want you to stick your cock in my mouth and slap my ass and fuck my cunt and cum on my face. I want you to treat me like a whore and have all of your friends fuck me and fill all of my holes"

I pull out of her pussy and shove my entire cock in her ass and push her head down onto the fake cock and make her suck on it hard and fast. I make her deep throat that dildo without mercy. I pull out of her ass and plunge it back in. I fuck her as hard as I can. I pull her by the hair and he head rises.

"Tell Tom so more of how you are a dirty whore"
"I will wear whatever you want, You can fuck me with what you want, I will suck on whatever you want, you can cum on me whereever you want, and I will do whatever you want."
"I think Tom is ready to cum."
"Sir can Tom cum on my face while I suck this dildo?"
"Yes I believe that is a good idea you slut'

I push the screen open and I hear Amiee say

"Tom open your screen and cum on my face."

Tom pushes his screen open and this is the frst time I have seen his cock. It is massive. I don't think Amiee has seen it either cause as soon as it comes into view she lets out a wild scream and I feel he clamp down on my cock and she starts thrusting backwards buring my cock in her ass. I place my hand down on her pussy and she is cumming like crazy. It is spraying out of her. I grab her hair and push her mouth down onto the fake cock. I pull out of her ass and replace it in her pussy and fuck her hard and deep. Pushing her head down and pushing into her pussy, she is moaning and I feel her pussy gearing up for another orgasm. I see Tom is jerking off and he moves close up to the window and sticks his cock out the window. I pull Amiee's head up and little so her face is in clear vision and he sprays 4 or 5 loads onto her face. After she is covered and Tom is finished I grab hold on her two pigtails in each hand and push her hand down ont he fake cock harder then ever. It implants into her throat and I hold her there. Tom looks at me and says

"Dude what is up with your wife?"
"She is just a slut and loves to fuck"
"Think I can borrow her for teh weekend, next weekend my wife is going away and I could really use someone like her. I have so much shit I want to do to my wife but she just wont do it."
"Sure you can borrow her. She will do it all I guarantee it"

I pull Amiee's head back up and said

"You are going to Tom's house next weekend and you are to do all of his fantasies, no questions asked."
"Yes Sir."

I spin her around and bend her over again so he pussy and ass are facing the window. I place my down her thoat and she starts to lick her pussy juice off.

"Hey Tom she bought this for you"
"Ya I just talked to my wife about that two days ago"
"Ya Amiee heard and bought it to wear for you."
"Is she wearing the shoes and socks I asked my wife to buy to"
"Yep she is"

I fucked her throat for a couple of thrusts and then pulled out and cums 3 loads into her waiting face.

"So guess I will see you next weekend"
"Yes you will, Bring every sex thing you got, you are going to be fucking from morning till night., the first thing you are going to wear is that."

With that Tom walked out of his office and me and Amiee went to the shower.

Part 2 Coming ----

Can I Borrow Your Wife? 1